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Update 4: Now were finally starting to get rid of some of the stuff he installed working on getting a modern system goodbye $40k thanks for that
Update 3: He didnt do half of anything he said he would and feed us all more salesman garbage he couldnt even fix the crooked projecter hes is a crook himself
Update 2: Again he couldnt come the day he said he would lets see if he shows up tomorrow after 9 months and never attended a service
Update 1: He is supposed to be hear next week the third so well see what kind of joke he says next

invoice has over charge of $995 for 4th amp? Wheres the 4th amp or our money back?

we bought presentation software for $400 where is our license or anything?

invoiced costs are $7000 more than if we bought the same exact parts online he could have paid that much I dont know if he pocketed any of that or just doesnt care about us or got ripped off himself but it would have been worth us doing some shopping around to save $7000

he charged $7500 to come down twice one prewire one install were paying mainly for him to come from northenish geogia

the $1200 board he got us died months into operation I did use the usb port of it he didnt think we would do that but still it speaks to the quality he is bringing to the table

he now is saying we get a digital board which we might have to put out for or he might donate im assuming out of what he has pocketed
the major problem with this is its what I have been saying from day one and if we got it on day one its around the same cost so thats an oddity

this isnt bad but we have no way of plugging a guitar up with what we have you would think someone doing this for 20 some odd years would have this handled its only $10 but good thing I thought of it before hand

he has been coming down here soon for many months now I can only assume when he gets here everything is going to be my fault

the tannoy speakers we got might be good but they are expensive I cannot find a store that sells them or a church that uses them. Even if they are great where do we get support?

Lets say chris austin dissappered what kind of situation are we in then?

Theres a hole in the wall where the cables come out I call roach hole (because of one horrible experience) how is that remotely professional? especailly on a new building

spend 40k and no $20 studio headphones?

Projectors wont stay aligned I think they are loose can we fix them yes I believe we can but what did we pay him for professional installation I think so wheres the professional installation

Projectors are dimmer than they should be for paying $4000 a piece not including installation

Projectors arnt receiving 1080p

Projectors are poor business class limited ethernet controlability makes ethernet useless should have known this before purchasing

Projectors dont have dedicated control lines so even if theres something to help like firmware we have to run more cables for a system we paid to have "professionally installed"

Why are we using crappy adapters when we could just run hdmi right to the projectors why are we waisting money and having more of headache with these unreliable adapters? Adapters also degrade picture quality quite a bit internally they conver the image to mjpeg which is lossy by design and they try to do if as fast as possible also throwing out details in the process. Even if we just saved money and ran straight hdmi cables which im not condoning it would still be easier to work with and more reliable than what we have and be so much cheaper a 50ft hdmi cable of good quality is $18 I have one running across my house. The longest run to the front right projector is 65ft we can make that not problem

Why are we using consumer grade hdmi? This boggles my mind to begin with. SDI is what is the professional standard. I would like to go video over ip and save money with no comprimise. both sdi and video over ip would be far cheaper than what we have thats ridiculous

Subwoofer is not working not sure it ever was

Sound distribution is horrible

Sound has poor mid range

The pill mics are of poor quality and have lots of pop to them

No sensible way of adding stage controls unless we go digital

No sensible way of adding additional speakers thourghout building

No per line compressors

No per line or any auto leveling

No per line or any feedback surpression

Limited output line either have to comprimise and combine lines or get a better board. We want lines for multiple rooms and different places outdoors also talking about streaming would also be nice for the induction headphones to have their own line

Sound board headphones and local monitor lines not working

Sound board usb io not working

Sound board save load?

Sound board tuning it with chris austin does no good when a service comes and we have absorbtion and noise we have to overcome

A proper snake would allow expansion and maintence so much easier why dont we have one? A proper snake would also be lossless without the need for crazy shielding

His business practices are odd to say the least as we cant get a decent time frame from him hes doing alot of work I understand but why do we suffer we paid like everyone else
his business has no website which isnt horrible but its odd nowadays like hes hiding stuff im sure hes not just makes it seem that way
all calls apparently go to him

I havent found any tannoy setups or setups that have it the way we have it so that to me is another issue.
Right down the road we have leesburg first baptist which is digital one wire system with soundworx and yahmaha good old companies you can find everywhere
I feel like they are doing something right lets do what they are doing.

A concerning problem which is really why this setup is not for us is that you can turn on music and it doesnt sound very good and nobody here can fix it so even if it does work great what use is it if we cant make it work great
wouldnt it be better to have a solution that just works out of the box?

The path were currently on
he comes down blames everything on me we pay some amount of money
it works enough to get by he gets someone who basically knows enough to turn it on and change volume to use it
still same poor quality still same limited options still same
if were ever going to get younger people here they dont want to hear poor audio

I am to a point where everything he says is useless and I wish we could return everything and start over even if we had half the cost of parts we would still have enough to do a nice setup
If I had some money I would purchase everything myself whats also upsetting the amount of time I have spent on this if I had spent that time working I would have close to enough money to replace it
Now with us finding it even accetable to give him more money I think I just want to be done with it all together this to me is insane you just dont give more money to someone how hasnt done you right

Even if he comes and sets us up better what happens when the next problem occurs do we have to wait another 9 months and fight tooth and nail to get anywhere?

Here is the current invoice we have note the extra $995 its supposed to be updated is the excuess I received but I havent got an updated invoice anywhere
This is far more than oversight this is either ignorance or a scam

Download the PDF!

My Solution to sound only (I can add in projectors to a plan as well)
Note we can have everything with warranty here in 2-3 days the even deliever on weekends

Proper Sound Board

Digital Snake

1000watt Powered speakers

Studio Headphones

Floor Wedges

And some senheizer mics to replace the poor quality ones we have

They even have speakers in white to match better if we prefer

4809 Highland Point Drive
Auburn GA 30011